Green Bay Professional Police Association

Representing the brave men and women serving and protecting "Titletown, USA"


Message from the President

The Green Bay Professional Police Association (GBPPA) represents the nearly 150 brave men and women serving and protecting "Titletown, USA" since 1857. Today, these police officers proudly serve a population of more than 110,000. The GBPPA strives to continually improve the work environment and protect employee rights, while providing quality service to the citizenry.

We encourage our members and the general public to explore our site. The goal of this site is to inform and educate our members and the public about the important service members of the GBPPA provide. To contact any board member, please visit our "board" page.

The GBPPA is actively involved in the community, both on and off duty. If your organization would like to partner with the GBPPA, please contact us.  Please visit the "news" link for up to date information regarding activities of the GBPPA. If you become aware of GBPPA members that have made great contributions to the Green Bay community through quality service and dedication, please Email us. 

The GBPPA is a self-funded employee association and have retained Cermele & Matthews Attorney's at law for any and all legal matters arising from the GBPPA's activities.

Please support members of the GBPPA!

Nate Allen, President